The Hanged Man

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In a quiet home in the Fort Lauderdale suburbs, a woman psychically witnesses a murder. In a posh estate a few miles away, a man lies dead. The only clues are a collection of tarot cards sent to the victim’s home and a nuisance call from a Fort Lauderdale woman who claims to have had a vision of the killing. For Detective Wayne Sheppard, the killing of famous criminologist Andrew Steele and the disappearance of his beautiful wife is about to test everything he has ever believed and everything he knows about logic, police work, and scientific truth.

1 review for The Hanged Man

  1. Laura Rose

    T. J. MacGregor has written a book that described both a murder and a disappearance mystery. Throughout this book, the author has interwoven people with psychic abilities. I like the way that she presents those abilities as nudges, feelings, etc rather than that the practitioner as someone who always gets the whole answer or has full and complete pictures while having a psychic interlude. I enjoy her stories and I recommend them to others who enjoy a paranormal twist within the mystery. Patrice Gambardella’s narration is good and her voice is pleasant. I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and I have voluntarily left this review.

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