The Expansion Project


What if? The question has both inspired and plagued mankind since their existence. Who hasn’t looked up to the stars wondering what is actually out there? What if you could find out? What if the answer found you?

What if you woke up one morning on another planet, with little to no memory of how you arrived? What would you do? This is the quandary that former CIA operative James Singer finds himself in. Though his new caretakers appear to be friendly race, the pending invasion sitting just outside the atmosphere forces him to wonder what kind of mess he has been thrown into this time.

As James begins to regain the missing pieces of his memory, he finds himself right back in the mix of his former spook days, trying to uncover the purpose of his arrival on this new planet as well as the whereabouts of his wife, Anna (a pilot for NASA), all while trying to survive in the midst of an interstellar war.


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