Hawk: Hand of the Machine


A stand-alone adventure novel that is also part of the Shattering/Legions Saga!

The galactic agent known as Hawk has awakened too soon in a galaxy shattered by apocalyptic warfare. His master, the Machine, is possibly insane, and the great Adversary of Man has returned. Armed with futuristic weapons he doesn’t fully understand and a sentient starship that he dares not trust, he must confront his former allies, turned renegades and pirates instead of soldiers. His new mission is simple, yet perhaps impossible: He must unite them – or all life in our galaxy will end!

Hawk: Hand of The Machine is vintage Van Allen Plexico – stripped-down, all-out Military SF/Space Opera action and adventure in the grand tradition, with bold heroes, deadly menaces, and the future of the very galaxy at stake!

The Shattering/Legions Saga:

Lucian: Dark God’s Homecoming
Hawk: Hand of The Machine (Shattered Galaxy, Book 1)
Legion I: Lords of Fir
Legion II: Sons of Terra
Legion III: Kings of Oblivion

The Legion Chronicles 1: Cold Lightning (Novella)
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