Hawk: Hand of the Machine

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A stand-alone adventure novel that is also part of the Shattering/Legions Saga!

The galactic agent known as Hawk has awakened too soon in a galaxy shattered by apocalyptic warfare. His master, the Machine, is possibly insane, and the great Adversary of Man has returned. Armed with futuristic weapons he doesn’t fully understand and a sentient starship that he dares not trust, he must confront his former allies, turned renegades and pirates instead of soldiers. His new mission is simple, yet perhaps impossible: He must unite them – or all life in our galaxy will end!

Hawk: Hand of The Machine is vintage Van Allen Plexico – stripped-down, all-out Military SF/Space Opera action and adventure in the grand tradition, with bold heroes, deadly menaces, and the future of the very galaxy at stake!

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Hawk: Hand of The Machine (Shattered Galaxy, Book 1)
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The Legion Chronicles 1: Cold Lightning (Novella)
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2 reviews for Hawk: Hand of the Machine

  1. David S

    I liked this book quite a bit. The narration was excellent as well! The narrator paused mid sentence often, but it wasn’t too distracting.

  2. Ryan Pascall

    In a universe under attack by The Enemy, The Machine appeared and gifted us its Hands who, as supreme warriors and masters of their craft, turned the tide and became the police of the universe.
    But this was millenia ago and the machine is quiet, its hands gone and something evil is stirring in the dark of space…

    This book made me feel like a kid again. Not because it was silly, childish or humorous but because it really reminded me of Battle of the Planets.

    With characters named such things as Falcon, Hawk and Eagle it was hard not to draw a comparison but this wasn’t to the detriment at all and the existence of a peace-keeping force was cool.

    Story wise I felt it could’ve done with another hour or two as the sheer amount of world-building through exposition caused it to drag somewhat in the middle but there was enough excitement and danger to keep the story rolling along to a great conclusion which paves the way for (hopefully) more tales of The Hands.

    As for narration, this has the broadest spectrum of voices I’ve yet seen from Sean and whether a female assassin, a machine or a tough-as-nails cyborg he rises to the challenge and gave them all a distinctive voice and style that helped to bring them alive.

    A jolly good romp and well worth a few hours of your time 🙂

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