The Edge of Revolt

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From USA Today Bestselling Author, Uvi Poznansky, comes a riveting historical fiction novel with a modern twist:

The last thing David expects is that his beloved son will topple him from the throne. The betrayal threatens not only his life but also his legacy. Coming back to power will put Absalom in danger. Is David ready to counter his next move?

For now, he remains silent, even as Amnon rapes Tamar, even as Absalom lures Amnon to his death. In families other than his, such crimes may be concealed. But when they occur in the king’s family, they affect matters of the state and force him to escape. Will he finds a way to quell the revolt and come back to the City of David?

This is a standalone novel as well as volume III of the trilogy The David Chronicles, told candidly by the king himself. David uses modern language, indicating that this is no fairytale. Rather, it is a story that is happening here and now. If you like ancient historical fiction about court intrigue, this king David novel has a modern twist like no book you have read before.

★★★★★ ”I love this series for its convincing depiction of real people in ancient times, for its unflinching honesty, and for its vividly real characters.”

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  1. Aaron Lazar

    I’ve always enjoyed books by Uvi Poznansky, they are inevitably written with great skill and literary charm. This story is no exception. What astounds me about this series, however, is the amount of incredible research needed to pull off such a feat.

    How Ms. Poznansky created such a vivid, detailed, true-to-life account leaves me awestruck. It’s as if she peered inside the Bible, spoke with the characters and witnesses who were there, and then created a realistic and moving portrait of David’s life.

    I listened to the audiobook version of this title, and was delighted with the quality and variety of the narrator’s character voices. From young man to elderly King, or from man to woman, Bob Sterry provided distinct and unique voices that made the story with many, many characters easy to follow. He also provided some unique talent during the passages where King David sings, with a rich voice definitely suited to this role.

    The most impactful part of listening to this book, however, had to do with the emotions drawn from me during the process. I was literally yelling at characters during my drive to and from work, which must have made for some interesting comments by passers by. I grew to hate Amnon, understand Absalom, and was incredibly frustrated and angry at the main character for not standing up for his own daughter when she was violated. Sure, I know he had reasons, but to me—as a father—these reasons were not even close to sufficient. I felt fury and outrage and empathy and fear. There aren’t too many books that can bring forth such raw emotions in the retelling of Bible stories, are there? (To be clear, I am not very familiar with the original Bible stories which generated this book, and I’m reacting only as a reader of fiction, most certainly not as a Biblical historian.)

    In addition to the riveting character studies, The Edge of Revolt is a colorful story that moves forward with tension and suspense, replete with intrigue and war, seduction and betrayal, and filled with spies of varying loyalties drifting through the King’s life.

    Ms. Poznansky is a gifted writer in all genres, but this story will stay with me for a very long time. Highly recommended as a learning tool as well as a satisfying fictional listen.

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