Th god King’s Fall

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Surviving the vampire assault after their father’s disappearance, Francesca and Lucian must prepare themselves for what now lies ahead. 

A darkness is coming, an evil incarnate whom the world must unite against if it is to survive. 

What calls to this new-found menace? What draws it like a moth to a flame? The mages suspect and so, too, the Fae Queen, but does she have the strength to do what is necessary? 

When the moon turns to blood and the wolves are at the door, who will they align themselves with, the magical factions of mankind or the legendary Dark Wolf?

1 review for Th god King’s Fall

  1. Jerry Harkey

    You can’t tell the players without your Program. There are sooo many gods, demi-gods, demons, vampires, werewolves, witches and more, that you almost need to write it all down in your Program to keep track! Again, Dare/Dark is fighting for his children, who have their own talents/powers, and is aided and betrayed by just about every fraction listed above. Will he survive the many changes wrought upon him?!? No spoiler here… This second book is very good, if quite dark, and the narration is excellent. A worthy successor to the 1st book. I got my copy from Audiobooks Unleashed!

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