Tanner: The Carmichaels, Book 4


Tanner grew up as the sweet younger brother. He could live with that. And he was fine being an uncle to all his nieces and nephews. But marriage and children weren’t on his to-do list.

When the new vet, Harper Waverly, moves to town, Tanner’s not sure what to think about her. With her vegetarian lifestyle and her holistic approach to healing, she’s out of place in cattle country.

While odd circumstances and weird coincidences keep throwing them together, Tanner tries to help Harper assimilate into the town. But even having the endorsement of a Carmichael isn’t always enough.

As Harper struggles to win over the town, Tanner can’t help but be drawn to her.


Is she his fireworks person? And will she stay around long enough for him to find out?


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