Straits of the Between


What begins as a mission to save a Tibetian holy man takes a shocking turn…


When the CIA learns that the Panchen Lama, abducted as a boy by Chinese agents, is still living and wishes to be freed from Chinese captivity, Unit One agent Britt Haugen is assigned to locate and liberate the Tibetan holy man. With a small covert team, she enters tightly controlled Tibet, only to discover that the rescue operation is not what it seems. She and her team may be the hunted.


Britt and agent Manny Beg are in a race against time to locate and rescue the man who should play a pivotal role in selecting the next Dalai Lama. In true Allen Kent fashion, the book informs, thrills, puzzles, and entices, adding an element of outrage as we learn about Chinese efforts to supplant the true Panchen Lama and tighten Chinese control on this remote mountain kingdom.


Straits of the Between masterfully weaves together the mythical world of monks, monasteries, and mystery that is Tibetan Buddhism with an exhilarating chase across the top of the world! Another classic international thriller in the vein of Kent’s popular The Wager and The Shield of Darius.



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