Stolen by My Knave

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Nothing is quite what it seems….

Lady Elizabeth Kendall grew up on whimsical tales told by her mother. What if they aren’t stories at all? Visions of a handsome pirate in a mirror create questions about everything she believes. The biggest one: Is time travel possible?

A pirate who would be a duke….

Jackerson Morgan Carwyn, the Duke of Whitewood hasn’t led the charmed life some believe, and in fact, grew up in the worst parts of London. Except it was a different time and it’s a secret only he knows. Until he meets Elizabeth…She is far more than she appears to be and has information he believed long buried.

A battle of wits….

Through a chess match they make a bet – the winner claiming all the spoils. As the game comes to an end they are left with a choice. They either decide to be together or destroy any chance they may have at happiness. Will they accept fate’s decision or ignore all the signs that brought them together?

2 reviews for Stolen by My Knave

  1. Laura

    I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and all opinions expressed herein are my own.

    This is a regency romance with a time travel element [which is a very minor part of the story]. I have not read any of this author’s previous works – but from reading some of the reviews, I got the sense that some of these characters come from other stories. Perhaps if I had read those other stories, I would have enjoyed this one more. I found the story full of information dumps [which are likely the stories from her previous works] – where characters spend a lot of time recounting events. The mother of MC Lady Elizabeth is from the 20th Century – and she uses terms/language from that time period, even though she now lives hundreds of years in the past – I found this a bit jarring and odd that everyone understood her given that would not be the language of the time.

    The narrator, Duchess DeFoix, did a nice job and her voice is enjoyable to listen to.

  2. Jocelyne

    This is the sixth book in the Linked Across Time, a time travel romance/historical romance/pirate story. The storyline is original, fun, and captivating. Duchess DeFoix did a great job with the narration. Her voice fits perfectly the story. I enjoyed it!

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