Sparks in Spearfish

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Lula can’t wait for graduation when she can finally be rid of the bully Barton.

At the Spearfish Normal School, Lula Arnsby is ready to begin a whole new chapter. Her life seems over when the one man she couldn’t wait to be rid of strides into her class as the new teacher’s assistant. She wants nothing to do with the handsome prankster, but his aim isn’t to torment her anymore.

Barton Oleson got what he deserved after tormenting Lula one too many times. He wants to be noticed by the pixie-haired beauty Lula. Without his normal tricks. He’s spent the last two years making sure she thinks of him every day, but he’s running out of time to catch her eye. Only one term until she will be a teacher and out of his reach.

Is it enough time to make up for two years of hurt? Can Lula forgive all that he’s done?

1 review for Sparks in Spearfish

  1. Misty

    This book made me mad at times. I wish I could have punched him in the head. That being said. this book is excellent. The writing is great and the characters well developed with characteristics that people can relate to. You can tell it is in a series. There is a hint of mention of sisters and the like, but it does not spoil.

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