Space Team: The Time Titan of Tomorrow

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He and his space team are broke. Forced to take low-paying gun-for-hire jobs just to keep the food replicator working, their prospects are not looking good.  

When they pick up a distress signal from a luxury space cruiser, they think their luck might be about to change. And it does; sadly, not in the way they’d hoped.  

Someone has detonated a time bomb aboard the cruiser – an experimental device designed to shatter time itself. As the team passes through the fragments, their personal timelines begin moving at very different speeds, and an ageing Cal is forced to live out decades aboard the ship surrounded by his now statuelike crewmates and the mutated, inbred descendants of the cruiser’s former inhabitants.  

As if that isn’t bad enough, the time bomb was just a test for the real weapon – a weapon that could spell a fate worse than death for Space Team and the enslavement of the entire galaxy.  

Featuring giant space babies, reverse mermaids, and the most dangerous man in existence, Space Team: The Time Titan of Tomorrow is the eighth fast and frantic adventure in the Space Team comedic sci-fi series. 

1 review for Space Team: The Time Titan of Tomorrow

  1. David S

    What an underrated gem! I binged this whole series in a month, and I wish there were more available! The characters are quirky, and the stories are compelling. I definitely recommend this series to anyone that enjoys light hearted fun.

    I received a free copy of this book and am leaving a review of my own accord.

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