The Demon Duchess

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In The Devil Duke, the beautiful but scheming baroness will stop at nothing to keep her man from falling for his new waifish house guest, to no avail. We catch up with the jilted aristocrat in The Demon Duchess.

Abigail Sutton does not take kindly to being dumped. Desperation leads her to seek comfort in the arms of her surly horse trainer, the mysterious Jack Johnson from America. A night of fleeting passion results in a life-altering “predicament”. Now, the baroness finds herself fighting for the attentions of an entirely different sort of man – a man who is much more than he seems – a man who might just offer her the family she’s never had. That is, if she can prove to him she is not just a pampered pain in the ass.

Her pursuit of the handsome but stubborn drifter lands the baroness in Montana of all places, where she will learn plenty of new skills – rope-tying and lasso-tossing, just to name two. Many surprises are in store for the newly thawed ice queen.

Heartbreak over one man will lead to true love with another….

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6 reviews for The Demon Duchess

  1. Chopstickz11

    I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and I enjoyed this one too, but I think the first one set such a high standard that I liked it quite a bit more. This book revisits some of the characters from the first book, but they essentially switch roles; those that were primary become secondary and those that were secondary become primary. And of course, new characters are added.

    This book had a bit of a twist that I won’t spoil here, but it was refreshing as the Baroness was not one of my favorite people and it was nice to see her one upped a bit. Because of the way she acted in the first novel, I found myself not as emotionally tied to this story as I was to the first. I did come to like the characters a lot more by the end.

    In all, it is a great addition to the series and I hope Ms. Bowen continues with additional characters and stories. I can think of a few that could certainly be included in a future book.

    I was provided with a free copy of this audio book for my honest review. The views expressed here are entirely my own.

  2. Jocelyne

    This is the second book in The Demon Duchess Series. The first book in the Series was really great, and this one is wonderful! I love this second chance to love, and opposites attrack story. I like it when an author succeds to make me love a character I haven’t loved much in a previous book! Abigail is such a great character! I love how Jack learn to trust the love ones. Abigail and John’s story is beautiful. I love their happy ending. Virginia Ferguson did an amazing job with the narration. I enjoyed it.

  3. Felicia Steele

    The Demon Duchess by Tessa Bowen is the second book in the Demon Duchess Series. The first book is the Devil Duke. I listened to this book on audio Narrated by Virginia Ferguson. Virginia Ferguson did a great job narrating with the different voices she used for the characters. This is the second book of Tessa Bowen’s that I have read and look forward to reading more of her books in the future. I would definitely say the second book is better than the first. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes second chance romances.

  4. Tricia Wright

    Abigail and John
    The Demon Duchess is the second book in this series, I have listened to the first Book in the series and personally, I would recommend that you read or listen to that one first. Although this a standalone story, you will have a better understanding of The Countess/Abigail if you do.

    The Demon Duchess picks up at the point in the first book when the Countess realizes that she has lost the Duke forever to his new wife Izzy. The two main characters in this story are Abigail Sutton, an English Countess, who never has a hair out of place with impeccable manners. But who for many years has been a mistress to her neighbour, Trevor, the Demon Duke this story is told in the first book of this series.

    On the night she is dumped by The Duke Abigail drinks far too much and seduces her horse trainer, Jack Johnson, it’s a one night roll in the hay but from their one encounter, she finds herself pregnant. She has no idea where Jack has gone and makes no attempt to find him intending to raise her baby alone.

    Jack Johnson/John Jackson is not whom Abigail thought he was, he is not just a horse trainer, he’s the heir to a vast ranch in Montana. He is a loner who was deeply hurt by the last woman he loved, he has deeply ingrained trust issues. But when he and Abigail meet again by chance when she is just starting to “show” he insists that they marry for the sake of their child.

    These two are complete total opposites who can hardly tolerate each other, but for the sake of their child they marry but Jack leaves when their daughter is only weeks old leaving Abigail to wait and wonder if he will ever return. When Abigail discovers that Jack Johnson is really John Jackson she decides to fly to Montana and confront him.

    What follows is a journey from England to Montana, and then Australia as Abigail and John try to overcome their pasts. I have to say I wanted to shake John or even slap him for his treatment of Abigail in general and his unreasonable behaviour towards her and his brother. On the other hand, I enjoyed seeing Abigail change from the emotionally damaged, spoiled, sad and lonely woman she once was into the brave, loving, and strong woman she became.

    It was also nice to catch up with characters from the first book and see how their relationships evolved, especially Sir Archibald and Izzy.

    This book is wonderfully narrated by Virginia Ferguson, she also narrated the first book so the continuity between both books in this series is excellent. Virginia’s crisp British accent perfectly portrayed Abigail and Trevor. But she also did a wonderful job with Jack’s masculine American accent.

  5. Jodi Price

    I received a free copy of this Audible book at my request for an honest review. Abigail is a rich spoiled I’m better than you person. John is a rugged cowboy and when life gets to be to much he runs. Tessa Bowen does a great job with the characters, they grow, they learn and they become the people they are suppose to be. This book had me feeling all kinds of emotions! Anger, sadness, happy and little bit of well.. you got what you deserved.. This is a great book, I highly recommend it.

  6. JoAnn Thompson

    Great story and narration…except for the “quacking” baby! (I have never in my life heard a baby quack!!) Overall, though, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this romantic story and recommend it to modern romance lovers; plus it had plenty of suspense and several surprises in the plot that you won’t see coming…

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