Shadow of Shame – The Shadow Series, Book 1

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Ivy Jeffries falls hopelessly in love with Jonas Armstrong, a man who has forced himself into a somewhat reclusive lifestyle owing to his sordid past. Ivy is elated when he finally lets his guard down and kisses her. She thinks they are now moving forward into a relationship, until he tells her it meant nothing to him. How could a kiss like they shared mean nothing to him, when it meant the world to her? Then she discovers he is pulling away for a reason, to protect her. Is the love they share enough to withstand his past and the child he is protecting?

1 review for Shadow of Shame – The Shadow Series, Book 1

  1. Misty

    Great start to the series. I loved the characters that I could relate to. The book is filled with morals and values that everyone can use. The story flowed nicely. It never stalled or was too much. The audio of this book was well done.

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