Sentinels: Apocalypse Rising (Sentinels, Vol 3)

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Volume 3 in the best-selling Sentinels superhero novel series! The climax of the Grand Design trilogy!  Aliens, cyborgs, gods and human heroes team up to face the greatest menaces of all!

The most powerful alien empire in the galaxy has determined that Earth is hopelessly contaminated–and must be destroyed!

Lyn Li –the young superhero known as Pulsar–must assemble what’s left of the Sentinels to do battle with the alien menace, as well as with a horde of superpower-stealing robots intent on devouring the planet, piece by piece!

Of course, this would be the worst possible time for the dimension-hopping arch-villain known as the Warlord to make his return…! 


An awe-inspiring finale… No one, either in comics or prose, is doing superheroes better than Van Allen Plexico.” —Percival Constantine, author of SoulQuest. 

“Buoyed by astounding characterization. I could barely put it down.” — 

“A smashing wrap up… triumphant, glorious… This is another solid winner.” —Pulp Fiction Reviews.

Sentinels Vol. 1: When Strikes the Warlord

Sentinels Vol. 2: A Distant Star

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1 review for Sentinels: Apocalypse Rising (Sentinels, Vol 3)

  1. Julie Howard

    Oh wow!!! I loved this series. You definitely need to hear all three books in the trilogy as together they make up one big adventure, but if you like action adventure with a side of sassy humour then you will love it too. You meet a lot of characters over the course of the three books (but with a brilliant narrator you have no problems knowing who is who) and a lot of them come back in this book (which is why you need to have heard the previous books). The characters are great (even the baddies) and with all the one liners you are sure to be chuckling at some point. As a super hero team they could definitely give the Avengers a run for there money on he silver screen, even if they can’t come up with a name for the team. There is so much action going on and with everything over the previous books being explained it is easier just to say get the books sit back and enjoy. Oh there is one more thing I hope there is more to come.
    With a number of baddies on the way to wipe out earth it is up to Pulsar to rebuild a team of super heros. With team mates missing in action she will need to turn to new friends in order to find old ones and give earth a chance. But who to trust? Will Esro the team’s inventor and brains every return to earth? Her mentor and friend Ultraa has disappeared with out a clue and Vanadium an alien cyborg seems to have switched sides. Even her own sister is working for the team that has replaced her team. Does a teenage girl have what it takes to take on three super powers? Not with out back up.
    The narrator is brilliant, he has so much fun with this recording and it really comes across in his telling of the story and his voices are just out of this world.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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