Sentinels: A Distant Star (Sentinels, Vol 2)

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Book 2 in the greatest superhero audiobook saga of all!

“If adventure has another name, it must be Van Allen Plexico!”
–David Michelinie, legendary creator of Venom and writer of Iron Man, the Avengers and Spider-Man

Having helped save the world with his new superheroic friends, Esro Brachis wanted nothing more than to go home and relax and work on his wondrous suit of armor. But then the superpower-adapting robot attacked…And alien soldiers landed in his back yard…And a strange force hurtled him across the galaxy, with only a beautiful alien starship officer at his side. Wait–come to think of it, the whole situation actually might not be so bad — if only she didn’t want to kill him!

Continuing the Sentinels Superhero Novels series by award-winning author Van Allen Plexico (Lucian; Hawk; Vegas Heist), which now runs 9 volumes and comes to Audible, performed by Pete Milan (Vegas Heist). It harkens back to the great Avengers, Justice League and X-Men stories in the comics of yesteryear, but with a modern sensibility and an anything-can-happen approach. Book 2 brings more action, more adventure, new enemies and allies, and a time-travel leap across the galaxy!

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1 review for Sentinels: A Distant Star (Sentinels, Vol 2)

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book. I listened to book one and wanted to continue the adventure, so got book two and boy does it continue. I do think you need to listen to the first book just because there is so many characters that it helps if you have already been introduced to them. The story contains a number of twists and sneaky underhandedness that I found grabbed my attention and didn’t let up but be warned after listening to this book you must be prepared to get the next book to find out how it ends. They was plenty of battles and daring escapes and it is just a fun action adventure that you can get lost in for a few hours.
    The team is relaxing at home after there epic battle with the Star Lord when a gaint robot crashes the party and sets there world spinning. The robot absorbs there powers and In a matter of seconds is able to replicate them, then with out so much as a goodbye he is gone. In his place is a space ship with three Red humanoid aliens on a mission to stop the robot in its tracks. The robot returns to strike another deadly blow and zooms of in to out space. Esro and the lady officer jump into the space ship and take of after him, only to disappear leaving behind a broken team. They get sucked into a whole new reality and if earth stands any chance of surviving what it is coming the pair will have to find away home. Back on earth Vanadium missed out on the fight because he froze when the robot turned up and now he seeks help so it won’t happen again Pulsar finds out her sister has her own powers and has joined a new team of super hero’s leaving her and her remaining teammate Ultraa without a purpose. With the Star Lord back to his old tricks, gaint robots that can’t be stopped and three entities on its way, now is the time that earth needs all the help it can get.
    I really liked the narrator and thought he did a good job with all the voices, there was so many but somehow he gave them each there own voice. I think he was a good choice and put in an epic performance that this book deserved.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review

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