Self Esteem and Your Unique Style of Fit!

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Humans are masses of energy who vibrate and radiate the thoughts that they are thinking all day long. This audiobook is a mind activator that will show you how to maximize and harness your frequency to achieve whatever you want in life. You can achieve it through confidence-building techniques and converting your dreams into physical reality. Your mind is tied to the source of all power. Human beings vibrate on a frequency that controls everything we do. We live in an ocean of motion.

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1 review for Self Esteem and Your Unique Style of Fit!

  1. Lynn Carnefix

    Title attracted me … text was too disjointed.
    I’ve only listened to a handful of Audible Originals and have found them to be unusual offerings. This non-fiction text made me wonder what made a title qualify as an Audible Original. This one sounded like disconnected thoughts that almost talked about a subject – techniques to use as tools to take a creative approach to weight loss — or maybe it’s trying to say, one can accept their own “Unique Style of Fit” and, thus not worry about losing weight. Techniques presented all seemed valid to me and I’ve used them before. It’s a short read/listen, so I’d recommend it if you want a quick review of some approaches you could take to make a positive plan to create your own self style and body image and uplift your own self esteem. But you’ll have to figure out how to connect the dots yourself.
    Narrator, Derik Hendrickson has a nice, deep voice, but his pace and delivery is stilted, as though he thought there should be a set number of seconds between each word. I tried speeding up to 1.7x, but the pauses were still distracting and made me keep thinking about the delivery, which distracted from an already difficult-to-follow text.

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