The Earl’s Christmas Wish

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After the tragic death of his wife and son, the Earl of Trenton and his young daughter, Leah, struggle to move past their grief. Months later, Lord Trenton meets Lady Caroline, a pretty, yet jealous, woman.

Lady Caroline wants nothing more than to marry the Earl, but something stands in her way – Leah. When she pushes the Earl to hire a governess to take care of Leah, her jealousy is unleashed when she sees Emma, the beautiful governess.

As Christmas approaches, Lady Caroline makes plans to get rid of the governess, plans which the Earl discovers after it’s too late. Can Lord Trenton’s Christmas wish come true, or will tragedy strike his life yet again?

Joseph Tabler has been narrating books since 2014. His improvement has been steady. He enjoys reading short works as well as long ones. He composes for the piano, too. His website is at

3 reviews for The Earl’s Christmas Wish

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Great Short Story! I enjoyed this short historical romance. Was happy that the Earl and his young daughter found the perfect replacement of the wife and mother they lost and was glad when the Earl discovered the dastardly deed the entitled and spiteful Lady Caroline that he had been courting had tried to pull off. Sorry to say that the narrator’s cadence was too choppy for me to enjoy his narration of this story.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Initially this is a sad tale, that you wonder where it would lead.
    However, what one person deems as good companionship, may not fit another’s idea of the same thing.
    As one’s idea of a happy family, isn’t always everyone’s image of the same scene.
    Yes this is an interesting story, with a great HEA.

  3. Coolestmommy R

    I didn’t love the narration. It seemed stilted. It’s a good story, you see where it’s going but it has a happily ever after to look forward to. The choice to have the characters always refer to each other as Lord Trenton or Lady Leah made it harder to like the characters. What father (Lord or not) never calls his daughter Leah, only Lady Leah? It added to the stilted nature of the reading. It’s an enjoyable novella that most will enjoy.

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