Secrets of My Beloved


Lord Nicholas Kendall is tired of living in his brother Christian’s shadow. He’s the first-born and the one who will inherit the dukedom one day. He’s not jealous, just bored. Christian is welcome to that particular responsibility. Nicholas has more adventurous aspirations. He’s heard the rumors, even though his mother and father have done their best to squash them. Time travel is possible and his mother is proof of that. He intends to find a way to the future and explore all it has to offer. 

Peyton Drake is recovering from a long illness that she thought she’d eventually die from. Thanks to her long lost sister, and the miracle of modern medicine she is in remission. She is enjoying her new lease on life and intends to enjoy every second of it. Anything is possible now that she has a future she can plan for. The question is: What should she do with her life? 

Neither Nicholas nor Peyton expected they’d find each other. They each have secrets that they don’t want to share with the world. Love blooms in the most unlikely places and sometimes it takes traveling a couple centuries into the future to find it.

©2020 Dawn Brower (P)2020 Dawn Brower


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