Scandalized by My Prince


Dr. Aubriella Byrne isn’t the adventurous sort. The most daring thing she’s ever done is travel to visit her cousin in Kent to research her doctorate. Until she catches a glimpse of a man in another era through a mirror—she takes a leap of faith and goes to his time to find him.  

Killian Lynwood, Earl of Thornbury finds Aubriella wandering the lands outside his castle. She has an ethereal beauty and frailty that makes him want to protect her. Safeguarding those he loves has been his duty since he was a small boy, starting with his mother. Aubriella quickly becomes a female he cares deeply for.  

Aubriella isn’t sure if she should tell him who she is, or more importantly where she’s from, but secrets and lies have a way of unraveling. Killian has a few of his own he doesn’t want to come to light. The decision to trust each other is a hard one. Sometimes love isn’t enough and their secrets might destroy everything.  


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