In 1864, Captain Jeff Savage was tasked to find Carver’s Raiders, a ruthless bunch of killers who blasted a bloody path through the Shenandoah Valley. The mission was a failure and Carver escaped with a handful of men. 

Two years later John Carver has raised his head once more when he and his gang of killers robbed a bank in Summerton, Texas, and a bloodbath ensued. During the violent exchange, a young woman is taken captive – Savage’s wife, Amy. 

When Savage discovered her ravaged body, it set a bloody chain of events in motion. 

Eight outlaws escaped the battle in Summerton, and now, armed with the names of those eight, Savage was going to finish what he started. He was going to track each man down and kill him…slowly. 

The only question was – would Savage live long enough to finish what he’d started?


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