Savage Brooklyn


After small-time mobster Joe D’Amato gets attacked by a werewolf, his life takes a dark turn, and he begins a transformation towards a new, twisted life.

As corpses start piling up, two cops suspect there is something unnatural on the loose, and they have a suspect. When nobody listens to their theories, they go rogue and start digging for clues.

Soon, forces both natural and supernatural clash, and all hell breaks loose.


“Goodfellas meets The Wolfman. Unlike anything else, chock full of action, blood, and biting wit…pun intended.” – Chris Miller, author, The Hard Goodbye

“Gangsters and werewolves! What’s not to like?” – Darin Scott, screenwriter/director, Deep Blue Sea 2

“Fangs and claws, bullets and bodies. Savage Brooklyn is a full-blooded, hard-hitting horror/crime mash-up!” – Paul D. Brazill, author, Roman Dalton, Werewolf P.I.


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