Ready for Whatever


“Look on the bright side, Mille. At least you don’t have cancer.”

Testing positive for the BRCA gene only means one thing: Millie Dwyer is almost certain to develop cancer at a young age. After losing her grandmother and mother to the dreaded disease, Millie’s always feared a similar fate. But now the twenty-nine-year-old has technological advancements on her side, including radical surgeries, that can save her from ever having to deal with the Big C… but at quite a cost. 

Now Millie has to come to terms with a new normal—new breasts, missing ovaries, hot flashes, insensitive friends, and, worst of all, the knowledge that she’ll never have biological children. One thing’s for certain—she’s never planned on trying to navigate the dating scene with all this on her plate … but on the road from loss to love, Millie finds that laughter certainly is the best medicine.



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