My Boys – A Reverse Harem Romance

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Noah, Bryce, Lucas, and I grew up together, and while I was forever just one of the boys, I never had a problem with it. I never saw them as anything more than my best friends…until one dry spell stretched for way too long. That was when I started to learn how they really felt. There was just one problem…how was I supposed to choose between the three of them?

I felt something for all three of my boys, and I had to find an answer that made everyone happy. I couldn’t stand to lose one of them in favor of another. Luckily, as things fell into place, I quickly learned that I didn’t need to choose between them.

1 review for My Boys – A Reverse Harem Romance

  1. Rebecca Gutknecht

    My boys was well written by Alyssa Clark. The storyline moved along well and kept me laughing. The narration by Ingrid Mey honestly started off a bit robotic. However, it did get much better as the story moved along and she seemed to get into the groove of it all. This is definitely one I would reccomend and I am looking forward to listening to book 2 in this series.

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