Primary Termination

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You can’t escape the corporation!

In the year 2028, a massive online corporation called Everest.Com will control everything we buy, including books, food, medical care, police protection, religion, political affiliations…Everything!

When Senior Acquisitions editor, Tanya Teal, is fired from the last remaining NYC publishing house due to overwhelming competition from’s Cradle Direct Publishing service, she finds herself having to move back in with her parents in Upstate New York. Since she’ll be hard pressed to ever find another editing job again, they persuade her to join the Everest Primary Program, which guarantees a living wage so long as she purchases Everest products exclusively. But after rekindling her love affair with an old boyfriend, Tony Smart, who is a Cradle Direct Publishing best seller, they drink a few too many and decide to visit one of their old haunts, Gus’s Hotdog Shack. They know it’s illegal, since they are both Primary Members, but what can one hotdog hurt?

That one simple decision leads to their Primary Termination and a horrific hunt on behalf of the Everest Police that begins inside Tanya’s own Everest AI-monitored home and that leads up into the mountains and the home of the Everest Resistance. It also leads to a stunning revelation over the precise fate of terminated members – the prisons they are incarcerated in and the massive fulfillment centers where they are used as slave labor.

Part cyberpunk thriller, part dystopian apocalyptic puse-resistant, part romantic suspense, part paranoid military adventure, and even part alternate reality, Primary Termination is a three novel series that’s a direct if not frightening reflection on the realities of present day and near future global commerce, not to mention all knowing AI development and personal date storage. Think the Matrix meets The Hunger Games or Logan’s Run meets The Man in the High Castle.

From New York Times and USA Today best-selling thriller award winning author, Vincent Zandri, comes a new thriller that is a direct reflection of the digital, big brother/big sister times we are living in.


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