Starblind – Starblind, Book 1

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“Dyllin hits all the right notes in this light SF romance, building a universe full of politics and battle while fanning the flames of passion. Fans of both paranormal romance and space opera will find this a refreshing mix of the two.” ( Publishers Weekly)

2 reviews for Starblind – Starblind, Book 1

  1. Shan MC

    This is a fun futuristic adventure with some very steamy romance, and I enjoyed it! Jane is the captain of her own starship, she makes money by being a bounty hunter. Jane is brash, selfish, snarky and boisterous, but she’s also tough, relatable, and uses her bravado to keep emotional distant from people. The people who were suppose to love Jane treated her horribly, so she’s a bit jaded and doesn’t want to be vulnerable to anyone. Jane ends up making very bad decisions because of her desire to keep up her badass image. Jane comes across a bounty she can’t catch and feels drawn to. Ash is a mysterious, sexy guy, who is also brash and has much bravado. These characters did get on my nerves a bit, but I still found myself liking them. There’s lots of adventure, and I loved that there’s different types of aliens. I was a bit surprised at how detailed the sex scenes are, but I don’t mind that, so it was all good with me. I enjoyed the romance, and it had it’s moments of sweetness, but I would’ve loved a little bit more vulnerability between Ash and Jane. Still enjoyed the connection between them though, and I enjoyed Ash’s origins. Jane’s origins are also a bit of a mystery. I enjoyed the suspense elements, and seeing Jane grow some. Jane gets rude awakening when her bad decisions catch up with her. This story is mainly for a fun adventure, which it is! I listened to the audio version of this story, and the narrator did a good job. There were a couple of weird pauses, but I enjoyed the listening experience! Look forward to the next book! There’s still more to be done!

  2. The Book Junkie Reads Miley

    Elusive Ash and more about Jane

    I find that I am introduced to a universe without Earth. Earth had long since been destroyed. Chimay/The Pittsburgh was a starship with a crew full of interesting characters. This time around we get an up close and personal of Jane, the captain of the Pittsburgh. She finds that she has a problem on her hands. One that eludes her most times and intrigues her other times. Ash, the elusive, becomes a target of Jane and her crew. He was so much more than he appeared to be. Ash was the best part of the whole story. I loved him immediately. I loved a lot of the secondary characters. I took me a bit to warm up to Jane.
    Elusive Ash and more about Jane

    Narrator Review of . . . Ashley Holt’s performance. It was good. I got the various tones and dictions changes, but was disappointed by the main male character. He sounded more feminine. I enjoyed the lull of the cadence to the audio recording all this was enjoyed on an enhanced speed. There were some odd pauses during the audio.

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