Pimp Dino

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Shanna and Timmy are the most unlikely mates in all of history. Who could have guessed that a human and a dinosaur could be so compatible in every possible way? Having sex with a dinosaur is a thousand times more powerful than even the most intense group orgy! 

Then their blissful solitude is broken by the arrival of more humans from the far-distant future. Can Shanna forge a peaceful alliance with the horny Allosaurus dinosaurs by encouraging her friends to take them as mates? There’s only one way to find out – and the results are likely to be explosive! 

1 review for Pimp Dino

  1. Christi Fowler

    Titile: Pimp Dino
    Author: Pornelope
    Format: Audio
    Narrator: Buck J. Deat
    Genre: SciFi Erotica, Comedy, LGBT
    Standalone: Yes I think Ends abruptly
    Part of a series: Book 2 of 50 Scales of Grey
    POV: Shanna and Timmy and I forget the guy’s name
    Steam Level: Well, it’s erotica so it’s more steam than story

    Shanna and Timmy are back in Pimp Dino. Shanna’s company sends 15 (7 women and 8 men) coworkers to help her with her expedition. So of course they have to celebrate seeing each other again by getting their freak on. M/F, F/Dino, M/M it doesn’t matter. This one has even less story than book 1 and I’m officially done. Explored the WTF and it was an experience.

    I received this audiobook for free from Audiobooks Unleashed. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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