Outer Red Part 3: The Last Of The Riding Hoods


The adventure continues! Commander Red and her AI companion, Grimm, now deal with the Pegg clones and the dreaded Wolves as they battle over Grand Mar’s world. Red transports to the surface and searches for the elusive Grand Mar. Grimm remains on their spaceship, The Goldilocks, and dodges the raging war in space. 

Desperate to return to the Galactic Kingdom, Commander Red wants to complete her mission, find Grand General Mar and have some questions finally answered. Questions like: Who are the Dominion of Wolves? Why did she create the child army of Peggs? And where has she been in all this time? 

The Galactic Kingdom is in danger unless Commander Red can solve the endless riddles going on beyond its border. But will she uncover a truth that will shed a light on the pending invasion? Or will this journey bring up memories of the past and reveal yet another path for her to follow? Her people were once the protectors of the Galactic Kingdom, The Riding Hood defenders, and now…she is the last of them.  

The fate of the galaxy rests in her hands.

©2020 Jeff Walker (P)2021 Jeff Walker


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