Planet Z

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After the human race has depleted most of the Earth’s natural resources, Alexandra (Alex) Logan and her little brother, Jimmy, join their parents, both planetary astronomers, in a mission to try and save what is left of mankind. The mission? Bring back conclusive evidence that Planet “Z” is the miracle they’ve been searching for – a planet that can sustain human life. Unfortunately, they soon learn that the wonders of this new place are overshadowed by the terrifying secrets revealed on their way to the planet.

3 reviews for Planet Z

  1. Mia Harper

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book, it had a very complex plot for a YA novel full of twists and turns that kept me guessing to the end, and the suspense had me on the edge of my seat. The characters were very believable, and easy to become invested in, and the narration was wonderful. I’ll definitely be looking for more by this author.

  2. Tina G.

    Planet Z by Kristen Middleton and narrated by Maren McGuire is a good YA story with so-so narration. Would recommend if you enjoy YA sci-fi. 4 stars for story, 3 for narration. What’s it about? Alex and her family are sent on a mission to Planet Z which is said to be the last hope for humanity. However, the mission is not what they were led to believe and when the real reason becomes evident, the story unfolds quickly. You get aliens vs. humans, twists and turns (who can you trust is a theme throughout), friendships, and more. When I first start this, I honestly didn’t think I’d make it far into the book but glad I stuck with it because once the story unfolded it was a wild ride through space. The story itself is good and might have been great if there had been a different narrator. I struggled with the narration- character voices were not distinct and sometimes too monotone, but then there were times were it was OK. Perhaps this narrator just isn’t for me? With that being said, if the second book was out, I’d listen to it as I am interested to know how the story unfolds. Yes, the book is left open and is a semi-cliffhanger. Overall I recommend if you are looking for a YA sci-fi tale. Parental guidance/trigger warnings: *******Contain spoilers******* *************** ************** ******* **** *** * Aliens take over the humans bodies, drugging (a drug removes the aliens from the human bodies), child abuse (mother who is an alien attempts to strangle the child), erasing/implanting memories, kiss or a few between the two teen MC, use of a stun gun type weapon, physical fighting (self-defense), parents killed by aliens (mentioned several times). I do not recall any swearing.

  3. Jerry Harkey

    Be prepared as this really is a YA read with the requisite bad decision-making by young protagonists. It’s good SciFi with plenty of plot twists which to keep our young heroes jumping. We have the evil bad guy who seems to hold all the cards, but will our intrepid explorers prevail?!? No spoilers here…

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