Nowhere Alone

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The crash was just the beginning …

Scott Harper makes his living flying hunters and fishermen into the wilds of Alaska. However, his current passenger is different, wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase.

Scott’s strange passenger directs him by gunpoint to a remote landing strip in the middle of nowhere, and armed men suddenly surround his plane. Barely able to take off under fire, his aircraft is heavily damaged and crashes deep in the wilderness.

With the men in hot pursuit, Scott must navigate the rugged terrain to stay one step ahead.

The Alaska wilderness is full of surprises.

Finding his way back to civilization could be deadly!


1 review for Nowhere Alone

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book. So sit back and hold on tight because you are in for one wild ride because with so much going on you will be hooked until the very end. The story was quite twisty with all the double crossing and betrayals but it sure made it entertaining. I can’t go into too much detail without giving the plot away but let’s just say there is treasure hunting, terrorism, plane crashes and lots of flying bullets, you name it and this book probably had it but it worked. I loved the characters especially the gutsy little girl, which is surprising because it is usually the dogs that steals the show for me. I will be looking out for more books in this series.
    Scott and his faithful dog are flying there latest client to the middle of nowhere. The client isn’t his usual client wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase into the Alaskan woods and that is before he pulls a gun on them. Changing the flight plan has them landing on a deserted airstrip met by armed men. Scotts only chance is to just take off but during his escape his plane is hit forcing him to crash. However his plans isn’t the only plane to crash but can be trust the only survivor? The woman knows more than she is saying but will her secrets get him killed especially as the armed men are hunting them.
    The narrator spoke clearly and Have the characters there own voice.
    I was given this free review copy audio book at my request and have voluntary left this review.

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