Necessary Monsters

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Lumsden Moss is an escaped thief and an unrepentant bibliophile with a long-suffering desire to foist some karmic retribution on those who have wronged him. But when the opportunity to steal a rare book from the man who sentenced him to prison puts him on the wrong side of the wrong people, Moss finds himself on the run. And it’s not just the book he stole that these people want, it’s also the secrets of a long-forgotten location on Nightjar Island, a place cursed and abandoned since the Purge.

When Moss falls in with Imogen, a nimble-fingered thief who has taken a traveling bookcase filled with many secrets, he starts to realize how much of his unsavory past is indelibly tied to a frightening witch-child and her nightmarish pet monster.

In a fantastic world, still recovering from a war where magic and technology were fused together, Moss and Imogen must decipher the mystery of their mutual pasts in order to illuminate the dark heart that still lurks on Nightjar Island.

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  1. Tyler B

    Lots of lore and worldbuilding in this audiobook, the 10 hours may be intimidating, but it’s nothing to worry about. There is enough content and interesting backstory to keep the audiobook entertaining for many hours.

    Senn Annis’ narration and voices to the characters greatly enhances the audiobook. From main to side characters, she makes it easy to follow, especially if you have difficulty tracking characters’ voices. I would love to see her narrate more books in this series.

    I highly recommend this audiobook and its prequel, “The Lost Machine” -another audiobook by Richard A. Kirk

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