My Lovely – A Historical Mystery Romance Mystery

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Poppy Townsend is forced to close the doors of her dress shop. Mysteriously, on that same day, she receives a ticket to board a riverboat from her estranged maternal grandfather.


At her arrival, Poppy is determined to search for answers to the scandalous rumor told about her father…and the sudden death of her mother from a visit two years before.


She falls for the handsome and mysterious Jack Stoneking, an employee to her grandfather. Even as her mind has been clouded by the touch of Jack’s hand, she refuses to leave any stone unturned.


Upon finding an obscure garden hidden in the woods, Poppy befriends an approachable and curious dog who likes to follow her into this oasis of beauty—but, is it possible her new canine friend holds more answers to her questions than any of the humans who inhabit the place?

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