Morwen Cottage

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Rowena despises the woman she’s become. Her ex-husband has bent her mind to believe in third and fourth chances, but this time she’s done with him. He’s left her with nothing but a broken heart, shattered promises and a stack of bills.


Looking down at her mail, she finds a certified letter stating she’s inherited a cottage in Cornwall, U.K., located in the Bodmin Moors.


After arriving at the home, she’s determined to start her life anew, even with the news of a murderer on the loose, which keeps her close to a neighbor and trusted dog.


Rowena meets the handsome Dr. Reader and they become infatuated with each other. But…there are two obstacles standing in their way—one, the doctor is the top suspect in one of the murders—and the other is a secret Rowena keeps close to her heart…something that can’t be hidden forever.


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