Luring the Biker

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Dom knew that he was in for some challenges when he became the new VP for the Gold Vipers, St. Paul Chapter. What he wasn’t prepared for, however, was a phone call from a woman, claiming that he was the father of her dead sister’s daughter, Ruby. Even with his psychic abilities, he never saw that one coming.

When Peyton Francis is pressured by her real estate company into showing a house to a member of the notorious Gold Vipers, panic quickly turns to relief when she realizes the bad boy biker is sweet and not the thug she feared him to be. 

Things quickly heat up between the two, and Peyton finds herself falling for Dom, despite his turbulent lifestyle. Can their relationship survive, especially after she is targeted by his enemies, or will she cut her losses and run like hell?

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1 review for Luring the Biker

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    As usual, rivalry between clubs caused deaths and mayhem.

    This episode we have the patched -over Gold Pipers of St. Paul, formally Steel Bandits defending themselves from the Blood Angels.
    There’s a wicked plan to use a doppelganger of the St Paul’s VP to try and caused disruption and chaos in the newly reformed club.
    It’s a romance as well as a drama, with heart stopping moments on both fronts.

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