Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Ghostly Reunion

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** While reading an entire series in order always enhances the experience, I believe this book can stand alone.** 

When a hunter becomes the hunted, it’s time to send in the LSP!

Welcome to the Lost Souls ParaAgency, where agents work together to ensure the safety of humans and prevent exposure of the paranormal community.

The assignment – stop a spooky spirit from terrorizing a reality television ghost hunter.

Amira Walker and Lex Dimas are back as a mystery-solving duo in this second installment of the Lost Souls ParaAgency series.

Lex wants nothing more than to hang up his agent status and take Amira to a deserted island for a romantic getaway, but his manipulative grandfather has other plans. Once again coerced into taking an assignment he doesn’t want, Lex’s top priority is Amira’s safety – whether she appreciates his overly cautious behavior or not.

This is Amira’s first real assignment as an agent, and she’s out to prove that her skills as a sleuth can far outvalue her skills as a witch. But suppressing her witchy side isn’t the only complication for this assignment. She has to come face to face with Samuel Chase – the jerk extraordinaire who will exploit anyone to gain notoriety as a ghost hunter. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Lex’s overprotectiveness is putting a damper on their newfound romance.

Can she solve her first case without resorting to magic and find a balance in her romantic relationship?

5 reviews for Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Ghostly Reunion

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book. This is the first book by this author I have listened to but I enjoyed it. It is a stand alone book but a few times I felt I had missed something not having heard the first book, so I might just have to go back to the beginning to find out about there first case. Otherwise I enjoyed it and liked the cast of characters who were quirky and colourful. I liked the combination of the paranormal and mystery and thought it worked well with the plot. I think the book sets up the series to follow a different sister with each book which will be good, as you will get to see how each character and there relationships develops and grows. Will be looking out for the next book.
    Amira and Lex have been given an assignment. To investigate a haunting at a B&B run by famous ghost Hunter Samuel Chase. They only have the weekend to to catcher the ghost and send her in to the other side before irreversible damage is done. Lex which wants to protect Amira and doesn’t know how to express his feeling to her so just comes a cross cold. Amira has other ideas about how the investigation should be run and sets about proving herself more than capable of handling her own assignments and if she can turn Lex’s head in the process all the better. The ghost seems to be a teenage girl with a connection to the owner but is she doing more than just haunting the occupants is she trying to hurt them? Amira wants to learn more about the girl in order to help the girl before setting her free but Lex should wants the ghost gone so he and Amria can get back to safety. Can they work to together to find piece for the restless spirit?
    I liked the narrator, I have heard several books read by her and enjoyed every signal one, she has a distinct voice that she puts to job use to give the characters there own voices.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request by audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

  2. JoAnn Thompson

    Cute Story! I totally enjoyed listening to this story. The plot line is filled with solving the mystery of a haunting and the continuation of a budding romance between the two main characters. I had to laugh at the hilarious inclusion of a snippet regarding the meddlesome aunts at the very end. The narrator did an excellent job in bringing this story to life.

  3. Jocelyne

    This was my first K.M. Waller’s book. This is the second book in the Lost Souls ParaAgency, a romantic ghostly paranormal mystery. You can listen to this story as a standalone, but I believe it is better to listen to the first book before for a better understanding. Amira and Lex are great characters. I loved to follow them in this adventure. The cast of supporting characters is great. The storyline is fun, intriguing, entertaining, and filled with mystery, and twists and turns. Carrie Coello did a great job with the narration. #AudiobookUnleashed

  4. Laura

    I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own.

    This is the second book in the Lost Souls Paragency series. More or less, I would say this is a standalone book = although the epilogue creates a bit of a set up for the next book in the series. I have not read the first book in the series and I think it might have helped as I felt like I was missing a bit here and there related to the characters. Overall, it was cute.

    The narrator, Carrie Coello, is someone who I have listened to before. She is always enjoyable.

  5. Margaret Gore

    Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Ghostly Reunion (Romantic Paranormal Mystery)
    Lost Souls ParaAgency, Book 2
    By: K.M. Waller
    Narrated by: Carrie Coello
    Series: Lost Souls ParaAgency, Book 2
    Length: 4 hrs and 34 mins
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release date: 04-06-20
    Language: English
    Publisher: K.M. Waller

    I have not listened to the first book in this series, and think that is why I could not get into the story until chapter 8 when things started to liven up and then I did not want to stop listening. It was a nice story with a predictable happy ending.

    I like the idea of a paranormal detective agency, the stories are very innocent and clean, no bad language or sex, in fact so tame that I would be happy for a young teenager to listen to them.

    Carrie Coello is a great narrator and as usual she does a superb job of bringing the characters to life and does not disappoint.

    Even thou the book seemed a very long 4 hours, and at times felt like it was dragging on I am heading back to Audiobooks Unleashed and going to listen to the next book in the series as my curiosity has got the better of me and I want to see what is up next for the Walker sisters.

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