Last Chance For Love

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Kayla Ferrell’s dead husband, Patrick, isn’t ready to move on yet. After their bright future is destroyed by a tragic car crash that leaves her in a wheelchair, he’s determined to give her another chance at life—and love. But she’s terrified of loving another man and losing the special connection they still share.

When she travels to the exotic Fiji islands to watch her screenplay, Deadly Divergence, be made into an exciting motion picture, she finally meets Hollywood superstar Alex Matthews in person. This is exactly the opportunity Patrick has been searching for as instant attraction sizzles between Alex and Kayla.

Alex may hold Kayla’s heart, but a bitter divorce has left him emotionally scarred, unwilling to risk falling in love again. While Kayla struggles to regain the use of her legs, he struggles against his growing attraction to her.

Can Alex and Kayla find the strength to overcome their paralyzing fears and embrace true love before the filming ends, and their time together runs out?

“Erin Bateman’s exceptional vocal talent makes the characters come alive! You’ll laugh, rejoice, and maybe even cry a little as you experience Kayla’s grueling struggle to walk again, and her heartache and joy as she falls headlong in love with the one man who has the power to heal or shatter her fragile heart.” ~ Ashley Hunter, Heartsong Reviews

1 review for Last Chance For Love

  1. M Phelps

    This was such a journey of loss, struggle and love. I can not imagine living through what the character had to. I love Brigot so much. This was a great fresh type of story and was so much more than I expected. Erin Bateman does a great job.

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