King Rinkitink


A lost Baum fantasy restored!

When sea-raiders invade the peaceful island of Pingaree to carry off and enslave its inhabitants, only young Prince Inga, jolly King Rinkitink, and his grumpy goat Bilbil escape. Aided by three magic pearls, this unlikely trio of heroes sets out to rescue Inga’s people from captivity, a quest that takes them on adventures across the Nonestic Ocean and into the underground world of the Nomes.

The fat King, the young Prince, and the sour goat must use their every resource to rescue Inga’s parents. Originally written in 1905 as a non-Oz adventure, it was eventually published in 1916 as Rinkitink in Oz, with an Oz ending tacked on for sales purposes. Thanks to a contest sponsored by the International Wizard of Oz Club, Rinkitink now has a new ending written by Andrew J. Heller that is true to Baum’s original concept. In King Rinkitink, the characters we have come to know in the story save the day with their wits and courage, instead of interfering sots from  Oz (a possible book title, there), such as the insufferable Dorothy, with her bogus “I’m just country girl” persona that fools no-one and the know-it-all Wizard, being dragged in by their ears to defeat the Nome King in a monstrous anti-climax.

With the publication of King Rinkitink, the true story, long suppressed by nefarious agents of a certain magical realm with a two letter name (hint: the second letter is a “z”), can at last be told.


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