Killer of Killers 3: Injections


Something has invaded the homeless community in Fort Collins, Colorado. Violence in the streets has escalated beyond control. Peaceful people have suddenly become angry and aggressive, harming those around them. For Kalen McDonald, the impact of this trend is personal. A local homeless man, a friend, has begun to spin out of control, and Kalen witnesses his out-of-control rage in person.

What or who is behind the drastic change in the people who have typically lived invisible, behind-the-scenes lives?
As Kalen begins to explore the strange events occurring in the streets, he becomes aware of a plot. It is a much more sinister happening than he had ever anticipated. When the people behind the crime against the innocent become aware of Kalen’s involvement, they send ruthless killers after him and his family.

With Agent Mitchell at his side, Kalen must navigate the truth behind the conspiracy, and find the creator, the hidden killer, while defending himself, his wife, and his son. As Kalen knows, serial killers come in many kinds of packages, from different walks of life.

While the presence of the Radio Killer grows, Kalen will set a trap. He will fight for not only his survival but that of his precious family.

A murderer is on the loose, and the Killer of Killers is hot on his trail.


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