Killer of Killers 2: The Third Eye


Kalen McDonald is a normal man with an exceptional gift and an unusual talent. Kalen has been blessed with a third sight. The visions that invade his mind show horrific scenes of death and murder. Kalen’s talent is the countermeasure to the things he is shown. Over the years, Kalen has honed his skill in eliminating the perpetrators of the violent crimes he sees. Kalen is a serial killer in his own right. The profile of his victims is a simple one: Kalen murders killers.

Now, Kalen finds himself saddled with an unusual accomplice in his pursuit of these murdering fiends. With his mind invaded by images of dead women who have had a third eye carved into their foreheads, Kalen must navigate the impact of an FBI agent as bent on revenge as he has become. His every desire is to solve the mystery of who is carving up these women while maintaining his normal life as a husband and father. Kalen has two problems. Another killer arises and this maniac is looking for him. Kalen must face the possibility that the hunter has become the hunted. While bracing for an ultimate battle, the killer Kalen seeks lurks much closer than he realizes. The pressure is building, and the deaths are mounting. Kalen and a gruff old FBI agent know the only solution to these terrors, the only path to survival, is the Killer of Killers.


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