Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful Six

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Ever have one of those days?

When the most normal part of your day starts with your date being interrupted by five gorgeous ladies begging for a ride off the planet, then being shot at by mobsters, you might be on a ride-along with Johnny Rockett.

Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful Six is a sexy, campy romp through the universe with trouble and sticky situations at every turn. Aria the waitress is unwittingly dragged along for the ride, but quickly proves she is more than just a pretty face.

With spaceships and babes, gangsters and pirates, and giant flying whales, what more could you ask for? And what could these girls have done to tick off so many people?

1 review for Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful Six

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Johnny is a lovable loser with a heart of gold and a brain of tin. Not to worry, he has six beautiful ladies to help him through his self-made trouble. He even picks up more friends along the journey, and in the end, they all will prevail vs the diminutive evil villain. This is lighthearted PG-13 fun, with as much humor as “SciFi.”

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