It’s All Brett’s Fault


Marcus Wade was a man who wasn’t easily intimidated – that is, until he had reason to believe someone was trying to kill him. 

Upon talking the matter over with his wife Sybil, he decided to hire someone who would not only protect him, but who would also scare off any potential murderers. In other words, he needed a man who was tough, dangerous – and more than a little unscrupulous. 

Enter private detective Brett Cornell, who jumps at the chance to push his weight around on the man’s behalf, but is even more anxious to get it on with the lovely Sybil Wade, as well as her younger and even more voluptuous sister Nora – for starters! 

The fun and games come to an abrupt end, however, when someone really ends up dead, and everyone involved agrees: It’s all Brett’s fault!

(non-politically-correct content)

From 5* Audible review:

“Travis Henry Carter is superb as Brett Cornell and I always get a kick out of him! This is one you won’t want to miss!”


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