Holiday Hottie

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To get away from the pressures of work, Ava takes a last-minute cruise to the Greek islands by herself. But on the ship she runs into the coworker she despises the most, John Montgomery. Somehow he has a knack for driving her mad, and seeing him with his hot young date makes Ava feel even worse about herself. Meanwhile, sexy young steward Florian has been making passes at her, reminding her of how beautiful and alive she really is. Will Ava allow her loneliness to be chased away and desires fulfilled by a much younger man one more time?

1 review for Holiday Hottie

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Ava has to escape the work place and have herself some R&R. A last minute cruise of the Mediterranean sounded great.
    That was until John, her nemesis at work appeared before her, on the same ship.
    Well it does become interesting, but so does the cougar that comes out to play, in other parts of this episode.

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