High Treason: A Joseph Michael Barber Thriller, Book 5


Russian spies occupy senior positions in the National Intelligence community. China is planning a bio attack on the United States, and is using the Ukraine battlefield as a testing ground for the pathogen. A senior National Security Agency executive, suspected of espionage, is assassinated on the streets of the Nation’s Capital, and the hunt is on for the person he was planning to meet the night he was murdered.

Joseph Michael Barber and Marcus Day become inadvertently pulled into the turmoil when CIA Director Shevchenko asks them to find her nephew, a surgeon gone missing from a hospital in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, after a brutal Russian thermobaric bomb attack. As the search unfolds, the Russians seem to be always one step ahead, and evidence builds of a major security breach in either the NSA or CIA. Nobody knows who, in what agency, or how many moles exist. Even the FBI comes under suspicion as a link is discovered between its Assistant Director for Intelligence and the Chinese Ministry of State Security. Suddenly, the President of the United States finds himself with few people he can trust.

Barber and the resources of Orion Bellicus once again are charged by the President with conducting a clandestine hunt for the moles. In the process, they discover corruption in the senior ranks of federal law enforcement that becomes an unwitting force multiplier to the damage. Paranoia runs high, as federal agency is pitted against federal agency as rogue elements pursue personal agendas.

From the battlefields of Ukraine to the streets of Georgetown, from Beijing to an island safe house in the Caribbean, from the halls of power in the Kremlin to a Russian Oligarch’s Moscow compound, from the US Center for Disease Control to the executive suites of the Nation’s powerful agencies, High Treason tells a frightening tale of deceit and corruption ripped from today’s headlines.


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