Hidden Hope, Book 3 of the Hidden Saga


Book 3 of the epic series that’s earned thousands five-star reviews and has sold a half million ebook copies! Give in to glamour and continue the thrilling and deeply romantic journey into the Hidden world that readers are calling “addictive”, “riveting”, “magical”, and “captivating from the first chapter.”

Ryann is torn between two kings – two brothers. Lad, the king of the Light Court, is her first love. Nox, the new king of the Dark Court, came through when she needed him most and won her heart. But Lad has revealed a secret to Ryann that devastates her and tears at her loyalties. And though Nox and Lad are fierce rivals for the girl they both love, an even bigger problem threatens them all. 

The unsuspecting human population of the world hangs in the balance with an approaching war between Dark and Light. Powerful fan pods have transformed the face of the country. The Dark Council’s plan is almost accomplished, and the Dark Court is nearly ready to reveal itself and take back control of the world, as it was in the old days, before the history books were written. Ryann can’t believe the Nox she knows and loves would allow that to happen, though he is now deeply entrenched in the Dark Court and seems to be changing by the day. 

Is his love for Ryann strong enough to give him the strength to stand against his people and their plot? Or should she side with Lad and the Light Court, who who appear to have the welfare of humans in mind? Lad is fighting the looming danger as hard as he can, fully involved now in the world of Elven politics he tried so hard to avoid. 

And what can Ryann – only a partial Fae – personally do? She’ll have to learn to balance her own Dark and Light sides – and somehow make the right choice between two tempting Fae guys – or face the consequences of a wrong decision eternally and watch her family and the entire human world fall under the oppression of the Dark Court.

*Note– To properly follow the story, it is advised to listen to (or read) books 1 and 2 of the Hidden Saga before this one. Happy listening! 


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