Hidden Darkness, Book 4 of the Hidden Saga


The darkness is coming… 

Ryann and Lad are together and in love but not yet bonded. Wedding plans are underway, but they cannot marry until the mourning period for his father, the murdered king, ends. Waiting is sweet torture and gets harder all the time. 

Nox is touring the world with his band, The Hidden. He’s also working to convince the holdout tribes in Europe, Asia, and Australia to disband their fan pods and sign the new peace treaty between the Dark and Light Courts. It’s the only way to ensure the safety of humans worldwide.  

But unbeknownst to any of them, dark forces are still at work. There are some who don’t support the treaty – or their new king. And they’ll do anything necessary to restore Elven reign over humanity. 

When an ambassador from the Dark Court arrives in Altum, Lad expects relations between the formerly antagonistic clans to improve. What he didn’t expect is her unique glamour – or her traveling companion. 

And Ryann’s own glamour gift is warning her…if they can’t uncover the hidden truth in time, the much-anticipated royal wedding may never happen. 

As the Hidden Saga continues, friendships will be formed and broken, the bonds of love tested, and beautiful and dangerous new glamours revealed. 

Grab your copy today and give in to the glamour of the Hidden Saga — again!

The Complete Hidden Saga:


  • Book 1: Hidden Deep 
  • Book 2: Hidden Heart 
  • Book 3: Hidden Hope 
  • The Sway – A Hidden Saga Companion Novella 
  • Book 4: Hidden Darkness 
  • Book 5: Hidden Danger 
  • Book 6: Hidden Desire 
  • Book 7: Hidden Game 
  • Book 8: Hidden Magic 
  • Book 9: Hidden Hero 
  • Book 10: Hidden Heir

Fans of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga will be drawn to Amy Patrick’s sexy, magical Hidden Saga. 

If you love paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and the Fae, Hidden Darkness is the perfect new listen for you.


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