Her Two Doms

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I adored them all those years ago. I still do.

They were my closest friends until I made a stupid, senseless mistake and shattered everything. We lost touch, grew up, and went our separate ways, but I never forgot them. They are both wealthy, powerful men now and even more gorgeous than I remember.

Fraze is a duke who owns half the Scottish Highlands. Declan is an international soccer icon. No wonder they don’t remember me – the quiet, geeky kid from school who followed them around like a lost puppy.

But a chance meeting on a train has brought us together again, and now, they’re offering me so much more than mere friendship.

Should I? Could I? This might be the trip of a lifetime!

If you enjoy fast-paced, sensual erotic romance with compelling characters, not one but two sexy millionaires, and a heroine who knows what she wants and doesn’t mind going after it, you won’t want to miss this contemporary thriller. Buy Her Two Doms by Ashe Barker today and lose yourself in the magic.



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