Fur Ever Yours

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The legends and sagas of the Norse tell tales of mystic warriors, the Berserkers. Heroes with hearts so fierce, loyal, and courageous the gods endowed them with a supernatural gift – the spirit of the wolf. As the time of the gods faded into the shadows of yesterday, the wolf warriors held fast to their old ways, becoming outlaws in their ancestral lands. 

In a new age, in a new land, the packs rebuilt their lives faithful to their sacred ways. In the pack of Black Paw, one man stands above all others, Rafe Erikson. His unquestioned authority and skill have fulfilled all but one part of his destiny, to find his mate. What happens when he learns that his destined mate is bound to the twisted leader of a rival pack? 

In the saga of Black Paw, there can be only one choice: to follow your destiny at any cost.

1 review for Fur Ever Yours

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Great Story!! Loved listening to this great story. I was caught up in the suspense right from the start. The narrator did an excellent job in bringing this story to life.

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