Modern Day Bride

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Book 3 of the Moment in Time Series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms.  Note: You can download book 1 FREE (Highlander’s Bride) everywhere!

You were made to be with me, as I was made to love you. No moment in time can take that away from us. 

The sounds of a storm wakes Mya in the middle of the night. Except instead of a storm, a war is raging outside the window. She had no idea what time it is, or even the date. She doesn’t know how she ended up in the building, or who the handsome soldier that saves her is. 

She feels connected to him, and his older worldly ways. A stranger and yet she knows things about him – intimate things, like the scar on his chest, the way his hair curls around her fingers when she runs her hand through it. 

Pieces of a puzzle they don’t understand, begin to fit together. Destiny seems to be pushing them together, but why? Just when they are on the verge of figuring out their connection, the devastating war tears them apart again. 

You were given this life because you’re strong enough to live it.

Moment in Time Series:

Highlander’s Bride, Victorian Bride, Modern Day Bride, A Royal Bride, Forever the Bride

2 reviews for Modern Day Bride

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Another lifetime, this time zone in the 2nd world war, some where in France. Mya wakes, and finds she is in the middle of a battle. Her life is saved, but the person who saves her, is both a stranger, and a friend.
    With war as a backdrop, again two strangers are drawn together.

  2. Benita Dilley

    This is #3 in a 5 story series about a WWI era woman who awakes naked and with no memory of her life The big questions about the story are NOT resolved in this story. For that, you need to do the entire series.

    Cliffhanger alert!

    If Gabaldon=100, this book is a solid 75. Less sex than in book 1.

    Other series linking elements: character names, white buck image, heroine awakes naked with no memories.

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