Found by the Barbarian


I escaped one prison only to find myself in another. Except this time, my jailer is an irresistible brute.

My owner has grown tired of me. After months of living inside a filthy cage like a pet hamster, I’m returned to where the nightmare of my abduction began—the wall on a planet called Tirius—to be auctioned off like a piece of meat. Instead of being visual entertainment, I’m sold to a disgusting alien who makes no pretenses about his lecherous intentions toward me and the four other human women he’s strung together on a chain.

In a turn of events, we escape and steal a ship. Our luck runs out, and we crash land on an emerald moon serving as a remote prison. When I’m found by one of the inmates, not all is as it seems. Beneath the lush, tropical beauty of the moon, something much more sinister awaits.

Author Note: Primal Moon Barbarians is meant to be listened to in order. Each book has an HEA. However, this series does have a serial-driven backstory.

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