Everything I Need to Know: I Learned from Cartoons!

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A history of the American television cartoon – as told by Jedi Masters. Part comprehensive history and part send-up of the self-help movement. Wisdom can be found anywhere.

Arthur S. Brown, actor, singer, comedian, author of “Vegetarian Dining in NYC”, and “Good and Cheap Vegetarian Dining in NY” did not have parents. Instead, he was raised by an assortment of wise-aleck bunnies, lisping ducks, one-eyed sailors, friendly ghosts, future-men, cave-men, six-year old robots and mice. Throughout his childhood, these “Kartoon-Karetakers©” generously imparted their experience, strength and hope, such that Arthur could stride boldly into adulthood and go on to lead a balanced and well-adjusted life. Within these covers are their lessons. Enter and be healed.

2 reviews for Everything I Need to Know: I Learned from Cartoons!

  1. Art Brown

    This really brought me back. So many of us (of every age), spent our childhoods glued to the TV. I guess if we hadn’t, we’d never have had siblings.

    Yes, there’s wisdom everywhere and Art does a really great job in finding it.

    It’s always great to hear an author speak his own words, and Art has that gravelly gravitas that keeps it real.

    Also, Art is funny, and since he’s a comedian by trade and works in animation, does a credible version of many of these cartoons voices!

  2. Art Brown

    I take offense at the previous reviewer’s review.

    Mind you, I agree with absolutely everything that reviewer had to say… this book and audiobook are fantastic… It will make you laugh and how. You should buy it and tell everyone you’ve ever met to buy it.

    All of that is true…


    Is it right for an author to post a glowing review of his own book?

    — A concerned and objective citizen.

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