Shame of Clones


What if you could magically clone anyone you’d like, just to keep them around for a short while? Would you? With a couple of good intentions and a bit of witchy mischief, Kelly and Esmeralda find out first-hand what happens when perfectly good clones go naughty – err, bad.

Unfortunately, their timing couldn’t have been worse. The world of witchcraft seems to have gone haywire, and Karma Inc. might be to blame. Trouble is compounded when Barney runs away in search of a better witch to give him a new body, not to mention the twig and berries he had always dreamt of.

Meanwhile, the witches’ love-lives are going down in flames thanks to a few well-designed clones. To fix witchcraft worldwide and clear their names, the witches of Karma Inc. are forced to unravel a murder mystery involving smugglers, mobsters, spirits, hippies, and the sexiest clones this side of Salem.


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