Eternal Faith – Book 4


Sarah Larker is dying. And there’s nothing modern medicine or science can do to help her predicament. Sarah knows Victor has been desperately searching for a cure without success. Without a cure, she will never be able to carry her precious baby to full term. She is desperate to give her son a chance at life, but every day is a struggle to live.

Victor was forced to leave the only world he ever knew and loved to be with Sarah in California so they could raise their son together. They have agreed to stay until Alexander turns 18 so he won’t be influenced by Ethano, who wants him for his own selfish and destructive gain. Victor is at a disadvantage in a world he knows nothing about. He has no allies, friends, or connections like he did back in his kingdom. But losing his kingdom and trying to fit in this culture is more difficult than he ever imagined.

As Sarah declines, Victor fears the worst. His only hope is to make an allegiance with the enemy. Both are scared of the consequences, but they are left with little choice. Sarah will do anything to stay alive for her husband and unborn child. As they try to adjust to life in California, their lives come crashing down all around them. When Sarah is kidnapped by the Blue-ringed Immortals and learns the sinister plans in store for her, she is mortified and will fight with her very last breath.


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